Friday, October 31, 2014

Our Fall Season Celebration

Good evening!

Enjoy these lovely memories from our class' first project of planning, organizing and executing their own party.  

Our Fall Season Celebration

Pick the Apple

Thank You Messages

Our first delivery!

Pumpkin Fly

Apple Bite

Grab the Falling Leaf

Picking Pumpkin Seeds

Apple and Pumpkin Pie Tasting Station

Water Coloring

Tasting our baked and salted pumpkin seeds

These friends worked for many weeks in their committees to bring their ideas to life and it was a big success!

A big thank you to April (Joseph), Betsy (Eli), Bridget (Sienna),Jennifer (Hailey), Sue (Hailey's Grandma), Jennifer (Jackson), Lea (Miranda), and Melodi (Eloise) for joining us to play our games and eat our treats!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Pumpkin Patch

Hello Kindergarten Families,

Thank you to Amanda (Brooklyn), Anthony (Marlee), Betsy (Eli), Bridget (Sienna), Coleen (Ronny), Elizabeth (Kellen), Inma (Tomas), Jennifer (Jackson), Kate (Lily), Lea (Miranda), Melodi (Eloise), and Tanya (Tiffany) for joining us on our first field trip to the pumpkin patch.  Please enjoy these pictures with your child to hear more information about all of this excitement!

Orientation and Information About Pumpkins and Gourds  

Petting Farm Animals

The Haystacks

The Hay Ride

The Corn Maze

The Pumpkin Patch


Your child took home a small seed starter container, including a plastic container, pellet and pumpkin seed.  Have fun tending to your future pumpkin together!  Here is how to get started:

1. Place pellet in watertight tray and add warm water.  Drain excess water when pellets are 1-1.5in tall.

2.  Push seed into the center of the pellet.  Water when the pellet turns light brown.

3.  To harden off plants, place outside in shade for several days (bring plants in at night).  Gradually expose to full sunlight.

4.  To transplant, dig holes deep enough to cover top of pellets Gently firm soil around the pellet, and water.

What fun ways will support your child in observing the life cycle of this plant?  Will your child journal about the changes they see each day?  Draw or take pictures?  Measure the plant's growth?  We'd love to see what you all discover together!

Thank you so much for helping this day feel successful!
Love, Gaby