Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Tijuana Estuary

Good evening!

What an amazing day at the Tijuana Estuary!

Our tour guide, Lisa, had so much knowledge about the different birds found in the slough (swampy area) that are visiting San Diego, migrating from Canada and other parts of the country!

She showed us how to use the binoculars to get a closer look at the birds in their habitats without getting too close to them.

As we started our trek, we saw various plants which supply food and shelter to birds, as well as other animals and even coyote scat!

Noticing the different smells!

We made it to the slough! 


Removing invasive plants (weeds).

Houses built by the slough inadvertently impacted the area in a negative way, taking over different birds' homes and leading them to become endangered.

Checking out the museum.

We headed down to Imperial Beach to identify shore birds and different plants that grow on the sand dunes.


See those houses over there?  That's Mexico!

Thanks again, Lisa!

We ended our day journaling about the different birds that we saw in their habitats.

Thank you to our Field Trip Coordinators Laura and Jessica for helping organize this special day and to all the volunteers who helped make this day happen!  It was such a lovely experience!

Love, Gaby