Thursday, February 23, 2012

Community Outreach Event

Hello again!

I cannot say enough how impressed I am with all of our Loving Kinder Gardeners!  They are an amazing group of individuals that do not cease to blow me away.

This evening, we had our Community Outreach Event and I want to give a big thank you to our tour guides Ava, David, Gabriella, Keighley, Maximus, Maya, Natalie, and Salem!  They really took on the job of being warm, friendly, professional, and experts at being in Kindergarten.  

The visitors were very impressed, as were the parents and the IA staff that received a tour!  Students greeted visitors at the door, offered them a "menu" to look through and guided them through our classroom, giving detailed information, and answering in depth to lots of questions!  Here are a few pictures from tonight!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Easy Readers, Sewing, and Clubs!

Happy Monday!

Just wanted to write a quick note about how much fun I am having working with these very special friends!

We have become more and more excited about becoming readers!  Has your child read a word they recognized to you?  Some of us have been relaxing with Easy Readers during Rest and Reading time!  Which means more and more of us are sharing a sentence or two at the end of that time!  It is really amazing to see!  We're even reading to our Reading Buddies!  The 5th graders were very impressed!

We've also started to practice sewing in our afternoons.  This has been a very exciting and calming activity for friends to enjoy.  It can be really tricky however, and we are trying to get good at moving the needle and thread through the paper, following the in-and-out pattern instead of going around and around.  This takes a lot of patience and concentration, as well as problem solving. 

Last Friday was our second week of Clubs.  Has your child talked to you about what they are excited about?  In our Teamwork Club, we are excited about launching into our first project together!  We decided that as a team, we would try to build a house.  We are starting with some small group work and drawing floor plans.   Being a team worker can be a really hard skill to gain.  It takes listening skills, problem solving skills, and the courage to speak your ideas.  We are all still practicing these skills.

Be sure to come in to say hello or to pop in and check out what your student has been most excited about!  A lot of great ideas are popping up!

Love, Gaby

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and More!

Hello again!

There's so much to report on!

Lately in our Kindergarten Community, we have been thinking a lot about Language.  I'm sure many of you have had your child point out to you many Teams in Words that they know (-oo, -ee, -ing, -er, -th, etc)!  This topic has been on our mind all year and we can't help but see these teams everywhere!  We are slowly but surely documenting our knowledge in different parts of our classroom all the time!  We've even talked about making lists for the teams that DON'T do their jobs and make a different sound!  There is so much to write, some of think we might even have to put some of our documentation lists up on the ceiling!   Here's a small glimpse of some of the teams we know.  Very exciting stuff!

Other ways that we have been brainstorming about Language include our Parts of Speech Wall.  We discussed parts of speech and came up with our own definitions for nouns, verbs, and adjectives that we all agreed on.  After we felt we had a good grasp on what each part of speech meant, friends took it upon themselves to write out their own examples and group them accordingly!  Many of us checked our work and by looking at the definitions and asking a friend for help.  It was amazing to watch the wheels in their brain turn as they worked diligently!

After our first try, we noticed we wrote mostly nouns, so after a few days of processing some more, we gave it another go!  However, our work often goes through the editing process, so this wall might look different again in a few more days!

We also practice Language through fun games!  "Secret Sounds" and "Help the Teacher" are two of our favorites.  And one of our newer games, "the Dictionary Game" helps us come up with clarifying questions to help better understand something, or to help others better understand what we are all trying to figure out.  It's a pretty tricky game but we are getting the hang of it!  Be sure to ask your child to teach you how to play and enjoy this engaging activity at home!

And of course, we are still sharing words that we recognize!  This has been a big part of Rest and Reading Time!  Friends will share with their partner a word that they recognize in their book, and may even read a word, or even a sentence, to all of us when we come back together during Meeting time.  It's really beautiful to see.

Please take some time to share some or all of these activities with your child at home!  Lots of us are still practicing the skills of recognizing words, sounds in teams and letters, and writing, so encouraging friends to practice with these familiar fun games may be a great way to support them outside of the classroom.  It will be great to hear what stories friends come to school with about their experiences.

Enjoy the learning!
Love, Gaby