Friday, June 12, 2015

Our Last Week of Kindergarten

Hello friends and families,

Enjoy these snapshots from our last few days together as kindergarten friends!

Open Choice Time

Friends worked hard to do any of their last ideas from their Work in Progress work piles, journal entries, Father's Day gifts, or anything else they wished to do before they left our class.  Many students felt so accomplished with their hard work!

Alphabetical Order

While organizing ourselves by alphabetical order, we found that some friends names started with the same letters, so we had to see in what order they would go in.  Ask your child how we figured it out!

Large Motor Body Challenges

Here's a fun game you can play at home! After giving a volunteer the challenge to make a shape, they would decide if they could make the shape by themselves or if they would need help from a friend to complete the task.  Can you figure out the shapes they made?

Thank you to Anthony for being our last Family Reader!

Thank you to Mary for all of her hard work in organizing our Student Portfolios.  Here are some friends helping her after school to sort our work by name!  Thanks helpers!

Throughout the week, the Loving Reading Scientists wished to do some of their favorite things together.  Here are some of their wishes come true!

Silly Meeting

Doggy Doggy Where's Your Bone?

Shadow Time

Picnic Style Snack

The Hula Hoop Challenge

I added another twist to it this time... instead of the Hula Hoop going around the circle of friends, the challenge was for the hoop to stay in one place and have the friends circulate through it!!

Massage Train

Meet with our 7th Grade Buddies

We had a Gallery Walk of the paintings the 7th Grade Buddies incorporated into the illustrations made by the Loving Reading Scientists for the T-Wex story.

We also journaled one last time.  Be sure to check out your child's response to what they wish to learn next year!

Summer Birthdays!

Some of our friends will be having their birthdays over the summer break, so their wish was to celebrate it early with all of their friends.  We had THREE Early Birthday Celebrations!


Singing and Dancing to Rockin' Robin

Save the Man (from a crocodile)

A Game of Tag

Free Choice: Hugs, High Fives, or Birthday Messages

Special Treat: Juice and Pretzels


Save the Man (from a zombie)

Free Choice: Hugs, High Fives, or Birthday Messages

Special Treat: Juice and Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins


Sing and Dance to Rockin' Robin

Hangman (over lava and zombies)

Doggy Doggy Where's Your Bone?

Free Choice: Hugs, High Fives, or Birthday Messages

Special Treat:  WOW cookies!  (not pictured)

This week was dedicated to a lot of "Last Times" and making special memories.  I want to thank you for ALL of the times you have helped our community be a positive and safe learning environment for the children, supporting them to be their best selves and grow from the various learning opportunities life gives us.  I appreciate all of the love and support I have received this year from you all as well!  I feel so lucky to have been a part of such a beautiful community with so many of you gifting your time and energy inside and outside of the classroom, dedicating so much of your efforts to helping make this year a great one!  

I will be missing you so very much and will think of you often!  I hope you and your children do pop in to say hello or shoot me an email to keep me posted on the great learning moments they are having on their new journeys inside and outside of IA!  I look forward to seeing these special friends on the yard, growing into even stronger mentors and role models for the incoming class of Kindergartners!  

You all were amazing and I appreciate you so much!
Love, Gaby