Friday, December 18, 2015

Our Winter Celebration!


Thank you to Lynn (Ara), Hope (Calvin), Lindsay and Scott (Emery), Kirstin (Emmett), Sarah (Gracen), Christina (Jackson), Navid (Lilian), Amanda (Maja), Rachel (Melayna),  Genia (Ryan), Shelby (Sawyer), Rose (Scarlett), Jessica (Sebastien), and Fay (Xavier) for joining us on our Winter Celebration and helping us have so much fun and fulfilling their wishes!

Gingerbread House Making

Sweet Treat Tasting Station

Message Writing Station

Winter Tic-Tac-Toe

Winter Stories

Winter Friendship Game

Gift Giving

Thank you friends!

Classroom Gifts

We were so surprised to receive such beautiful and generous gifts for our classroom!  We cannot wait to enjoy them!  Thank you so so much to Amanda, Sally, Hope, Sarah, and Lindsay for your special gifts to our friends!

Then I came home and got to open the super special gifts from all of my friends!  Thank you all!

I hope you had a beautiful holiday break with your family and loved ones, made many memories, and ate lots of yummy food!

Love, Gaby