Friday, March 25, 2016

Game Day!!

Hello Scientist Friends and Families,

Here is how we ended our BUSY week.  Now that Exhibition Night is a distant memory, we settled down with a fun filled Game Day.  How many of these games did you play as a child?  What skills did you learn in the process? 






ST Math

Color Mixing

I hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break!  I'll be missing you!  I can't wait to hear about your adventures =]

Love, Gaby

THREE Birthday Celebrations, and MORE!!!

Hello Scientist Friends,

It's that last week before Spring Break and it was so eventful!  Check out these snapshots of our special moments together.

Birthday Celebration #1

This week, we celebrated our friend's 6th Birthday with singing, dancing, Steal the Bacon, Special High Five's, Hugs, and Messages, and a Special Treat!

Open Choice Time

Snail Observations

Wiki Sticks Letter Formation Practice

Number Studies and Designs

Relax and Read


Exhibition Planning

This week, we went over the sequential order of our drawings to make sure it was clear for our guests to understand our work.

Birthday Celebration #2

We got to celebration another friend with singing, dancing, Stuck in the Mud, Special Birthday High Fives, Hugs, or Messages, and a Special Treat!

Outdoor Education with Coach Curry and Coach Q

Disk Throwing

Shot Put

Birthday Celebration #3

We ended our week with yet ANOTHER special birthday celebration!  Here, we got to sing, dance, read a story, have Special Birthday High Fives, and a Special Treat!

Thanks for all of the love!