Thursday, November 26, 2015

What Are You Thankful For?


This month, we practiced different songs and poems that touched on the concept of being thankful different reasons.  I asked the students to share what they were thankful for and why:

Sawyer- I'm thankful for the clouds.  I like the clouds.  I see a lot of clouds on my way to school.

Sebastien- The clouds make rain and after it rains, I can catch frogs at my grandma's house.  I like that.

Emmett- I'm thankful for my baby brother when he gives me hugs because that's how he loves me.

Timothy- I'm thankful that my mom gives me candy because she is nice.  I do not get a lot of candy, it's like a special treat.

Xavier- At my mom's house I have candy.  I have a new toy and marbles.

Gracen- I'm thankful for my stuffed animals because I love them.

Ara- I'm thankful for my mom bringing me to parties because they have treats.

Kieranne- I'm thankful for today was my big brother's birthday and tonight we're gonna go out. I'm thankful for my big brother because he tells me what to do.

Scarlett- I'm thankful for having friends because if I didn't have them, I'd be very lonely.

Giovanna- I'm thankful for my mom taking care of me when I was sick.

Bethel- I'm thankful for school so I can learn.

Jackson- I'm thankful for God because he is actually one of us.

Emery- I'm thankful for my family because they care for me.

Maja- I'm thankful for Emery for being my friend when I didn't have a friend yet.

Melayna- I'm thankful for my mommy and daddy for giving me food. My daddy always brings me food when I'm hungry.

Dominic- I'm thankful for my grandpa for taking me to McDonald's by the school because I like it, and it's new for me.

Desmond- I'm thankful for my mom teaching me some letters because I don't know a lot of letters.

Calvin- I'm thankful for my stuffed animals because I love them.

Lilian- I'm thankful for everybody because they are careful with me.

Gaby- I'm thankful for my health because I can be here with you all and feel good.

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Gaby

Sunshine Care Garden Trip

Hello Kindergarten Families,

Enjoy these snapshots from our November field trip to Sunshine Care Garden.

Safety Agreements

Ask your child to share with you our agreements for being safe with our drivers, how to be respectful listeners during our trip, and what to do in case of an emergency (getting lost on the trip).

Early Snack Break

Meeting Farmer Roy and Farmer Ben

Touring the Garden


Taste Tests!

Planting Broccoli and Lettuce

Worm Bins

Composting Bins

The Green House

Garden Pests and Helpers

Releasing Ladybugs

Thank you Christy!

Thank you Sarah and Hope!

Thank you Shelby and Lynn!

Thank you Sally!

Thank you Rose!

Thank you Genia!

Thank you Amanda and Fay!

After the trip, we came back to school and reflected on our trip.  Friends generated a list of key words that they could reference to help express what they learned about in the garden.  Be sure to come in and check out their ideas.

Love, Gaby