Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Urban Corps Recycling Center

Hello Scientist Friends!

A BIG thank you to Sally (Bethel), Hope (Calvin), Kristin (Emmett), Sarah (Gracen), Amanda (Maja), Genia (Ryan), Fay (Xavier), and of course, Carolina, for helping us have yet another successful field trip!  

Meeting our Tour Guides

We met Tania and Demitri for a brief presentation about recycling.  We reviewed the Three R's--- recycle, reduce, and reuse.

Tour of the Facility

Tania gave us a tour of the building and explained how all of the energy being used was from the sun!  The rooms were lit thanks to either Sky Lights, Solar Power, or Solar Tubes!

Brief History

When the Urban Corps Recycling Center and Charter School first started, there were only 20 participants and 1 collector truck.  Since then, they have expanded their operations and continue to grow.

Ever been to Qualcomm?  Urban Corps helps to keep it clean and have a Redemption Site near the trolley where you can turn in your recyclables!

There are three things in this room that was going to get sent to the landfill from other businesses, but Urban Corps stepped in and recycled them for their own building.  What do you think?

This world map is made of wood.  Each piece of wood used to represent a different country is FROM THAT COUNTRY!

Rooftop Garden

We went up to the roof to see how they are recycling materials, water, and reducing the amount of energy used.

These bags were made from recycled plastic--- even though they felt like rough fabric.

They have planted different fruit trees and care for them until they are ready to transplant into their new forever home.

Solar Tubes

Different classrooms and restrooms are illuminated via Solar Tubes.  They catch the sun's rays and the light bounces off of the reflective tubing inside to go all the way down into the rooms.

Wall Garden

This was made from old milk crates and plastic bags.  They have planted succulents, which do not need as much water as most other plants, reducing their need to water them.  When they DO water them, it is with rain water that they have collected from their roof.

Recycling Materials

We got to see a few things that they recycle at Urban Corps

Electronic Waste

Cans and Bottles

This is the can compactor.  We each got to put in a can.  See what happens when one friend flipped the switch.

Pretty tastey... 

The friends appreciated learning from people who are learning how to take care of our community.

My picture taking skills have been sub-par as of late and I apologize, but here is a synopsis of a few of the newer things we have been practicing in class:

Language Arts/Social Studies

In other news, we have been working on our Presentation of Learning Planning Sheets.  Friends have been reflecting on what they have been learning throughout kindergarten, their challenges, their successes, and their take-aways.  Be sure to sign your child up for a date and time when they will be presenting for this culminating event.


We have also been practicing regrouping with addition, decomposing numbers, finding patterns in numbers, and writing equation stories or word problems using subtraction.


Friends are continuing their exploration of butterflies.  We have been watching three monarch caterpillars develop on the milkweed plant that Sebastien and his family brought to our school a few weeks ago.  They are getting bigger and bigger every day!

Have a great weekend!
Love, Gaby