Friday, May 6, 2016

Math, Mother's Day and MORE!!!

Hello Scientist Friends

Here are some of last week's highlights.  Enjoy!

Math Strategies

Friends practiced worked through different equations with the help of a Number Line.  

Word Problems

I wrote out a word problem for friends to help figure out.  

At first, friends wanted to draw 5 more broken pencils in addition to the nine pencils that we had already drawn.

This made some friends argue that this showed a total of 14 pencils, which is too much.  They argued that we should erase 5 pencils, not draw 5 more.

This helped us solve our first word problem together.

Planter Bed Survey

We revisited the topic of surveying how we will figure out how many plants we need to fundraise for.   We got into small groups and counted how many spaces were in front of each class. 

Each group presented how many plants each area needed.

Garden Studies

Friends learned about composting.

American Sign Language

Friends practiced signing a special message with Joann

Here is clip of one of the groups signing "Happy Mother's Day!"  Ask your child to sign this for you at home!

Mother's Day Gift

I hope everyone received and enjoyed their child's handmade candle and needle point heart on their card.  Friends worked so hard to make this extra special gift.  Happy Mother's Day!


Carolina and I felt EXTRA appreciated this week thanks to so many of you participating in the Teacher Appreciation Week festivities!  Your generosity was overwhelming!  (Not pictured are all the beautiful flowers and cards I received!)  Thank you soo much!!

Love, Gaby

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