Friday, May 13, 2016

Bunnies, Butterflies, Bases and MORE!!!

Hello Scientist Friends!  

Here are some memories that I captured from last week.  Enjoy telling your parents about what is happening in the pictures!

A Special Birthday Celebration

We started our week with one of our dear friends turning 6 on Mother's Day!  We got to sing Happy Birthday, sing a September Poem, play Stuck in the Mud using handshakes, give special birthday messages, and have a special treat together!  We even got to take a silly picture with one of the treats we received!!

Happy Birthday


Special Birthday Messages

Stuck in the Mud

Special Treat


Cuisenaire Rods

Friends used cuisenaire rods to help them find which quantities when added together make ten.  Come see our findings in the wall near the math area.

Butterfly Observations

This week, the Butterfly Drawing Committee was formed to make the illustrations for the cards we plan to sell to help raise money for our Butterfly Garden.  Friends practiced making careful lines and giving/receiving feedback.

Garden Studies

This week, friends learned a bit about bunnies.  Are bunnies related to rodents?  Why or why not?  What are some care tips when being around bunnies?

Place Value and Regrouping

Friends have been working on building their number sense with creating numbers by rolling a die and representing it using drawings of ten bundles.  What does 36 look like?  How do you add 15 and 66?  How do you regroup?

Outdoor Education Practice

This week, Coach Curry explained how to run the different bases.  Either a single, double, triple or home run!

Family Reader

Thank you Sarah for being our Family Reader this week!

Love, Gaby

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