Friday, April 25, 2014

Different Cultures, Games, and MORE!


Here is a recap of last week!


Friends and families continued to bring their homework shares of different yoga poses.

"Downward Facing Dog"

"The Cat Pose"

"The Boat Pose"

"The Ball Pose"

Friends also wrote about their plan on how to honor Earth Day.  Come in to check out their journals.

A friend shared a story from home about how matzah is made.


She also shared a sample of it with the class as well as explained why it is special in her family's culture.

This week, I presented the class with different instruments that I had gathered in my trips to Ensenda, MX.  Each child selected an instrument and we categorized them into groups of loud or quite, and hard or soft sounds.  We used these instruments to help tell a story!

We continued followed up on our Class Council discussion regarding friends telling other friends what to do.  Below you will see a friend sitting on the bench next to someone and then being told by another friend to join her on the floor.  Check out the Class Council Notes journal to see how these friends felt being in this situation.

After the class discussed different ideas as to why this is a problem, they shared some solution ideas.  Below, you will see the friends sitting down together again, and the third friend telling one to join her on the floor.  But this time, after the friends check in, they invite the third friend to join them on the bench instead of changing spaces.  Look at the journal for more information!

Thank you to Seng for being our family reader this week and sharing a folk tale from Japan, as well as sharing some of her family's cultural practices.  Last week was the Laos New Year and we were able to examine a traditional hand woven garb, as well as wish each other a Happy New Year in her native language. For more information, >>>CLICK HERE<<<

We played a new game with our Buddies, however, we noticed that it was a bit difficult for them to explain how to play.  It took a lot of modeling and practice tries before everyone was able to understand how to successfully play the game.

This inspired me to ask friends to teach us how to use a hula hoop.  Through discussion, friends instructed me how to use this tool, but as I did what they asked me to do, they found that explaining how to do something is not as easy as they thought!  Check out our Discussion Notes Binder for more information!

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Love, Gaby