Friday, May 22, 2015

RACE Exhibit, Goodbye's, Dental Hygienists and MORE!!!


Welcome back and enjoy the photos!

Presentation of Learning Preparations

We took time this week to look through our portfolios and reflect on all the work we have done and skills we have gained in our kindergarten year.  Friends were asked to look at their work samples and reflect on what they learned, what was hard, what they were proud of, and what they learned about how they learn.

Thank you to Bridget for being our Family Reader!

"RACE: Are We Really So Different?" Exhibit Field Trip

Thank you to Betsy, Lea, Ida, Jennifer, Bridget, and Mary for helping us have a great field trip experience!

Meeting our Tour Guide

Discussing what makes friends special to us and looking through books about friendships and different people.

Looking Through the Exhibit
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Enjoying Balboa Park

The Loving Reading Scientists and the First Graders did great on our first school bus experience together!

Come in and check out our journal reflection on wealth gaps and what the friends thought would be an appropriate reason for someone to earn more money than someone else, regardless of the color of their skin,.

A Special Goodbye

Our dear friend, Lily, and her family are starting a new chapter in their lives and are traveling to New York and then Austrailia!  We took some time to do some of Lily's favorite things before we had to say goodbye. 

Rockin' Robin

A DOUBLE Hula Hoop Challenge

Hang Man

Can you guess what it says?

(Sorry the picture won't let itself be adjusted!)

Free Choice: Hugs, High Fives, Messages, or Combo

 Also, friends delivered gifts that they had worked on all week to help our friend remember us.

We had a dental hygienist come in as an expert to talk to us all about our teeth!

A mold of what our baby teeth look like and how our adult teeth grow in.

A mold of our permanent teeth.

Demonstration of brushing do's and don't's as well as an example of plaque and tartar.

Which foods help keep our teeth healthy and which could cause cavities?

Dental x-rays

A demonstration of the do's and don't's of flossing

Love, Gaby